Workshop „Advanced Group Facilitator’s Class“

How to facilitate many selves in a big group and involve every attendee at the same time? This workshop provides both depth of the process and a wise way to apply Voice Dialogue to a group with the most important aspects of life: power and vulnerability and the archetypal/ universality of selves

Workshop „Advanced Group Facilitator’s Class“

English without translation

October 1st – 6nd 2019

Group size max 9 participants

This course is the third event in Berlin and addresses Facilitators who already participated in previous Group Facilitation Workshops of J’aime ona Pangaia and those who want to learn about the method by also being available as subject for the advanced students.
In the Workshop every participant will have an intense session and witnesses the beauty of complexity within the psyche and beyond.
The Workshop will offer an introductory day for beginners on October 1st. J’aime will provide condensed theoretical and practical insights to the method, so that the beginners can easily join the practicing group from October 2 nd on.
Group Facilitation is a process that was developed by J’aime over many years and is an approach that involves all present group participants in a given Voice Dialogue session – even in a group with many attendees. (read more about it in the text below).
The Group Method is built, in part, on Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, a method pioneered by clinical psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.’s.

Content and Teaching Methodology of the Workshop

  • Interactive teaching from J’aime ona Pangaia
  • Demonstration of Group Voice Dialogue Method and opportunities for all the facilitator group members to practice it during the workshop. All participating Group Facilitators will directly experience it. Thursday to Sunday is devoted to teaching and direct practice/experience of the Voice Dialogue Group Facilitation method.
  • Group post-discussion of method on Sunday after lunch

Teacher: J’aime ona Pangaia

J’aime ona Pangaia has been learning, practicing, and teaching Voice Dialogue for over 32 years, has been an annual staff facilitator/ teacher at Hal and Sidra’s programs for 25 years and is the author of An Introduction to Voice Dialogue; Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You, along with numerous teaching articles.

Pre-requisites to enter the training

To benefit the most from this training, participants need to be familiar with Voice Dialogue and speak sufficient English (there will be no translation)

You have two options to participate:

Either A

As seasoned Voice Dialogue facilitator and received an amount of individual sessions (details please see down below)

Or B

as returning practitioner, who trained in a basic workshop with J’aime before and who wants to practice the process of facilitation (reduced fee)

Please contact us, if you have any questions!

Read more about J’aimies findings:

Over the past 13 years of teaching Voice Dialogue in Thailand without the aid of facilitation staff, I was prompted to develop this method as a way to bring the experience of Voice Dialogue facilitation, the experience of selves and even the emergence of the aware ego process in a way that engaged 10 – 16 participants at a time. This has also served to keep all the program participants (up to 30 people) fully engaged during facilitation demonstrations – even as the demo’s have all been done through language translation. I now regularly do a five day program (in Thailand and in the US) for people who are already experienced with being facilitated and who want an immersion experience using this method. We call it the “The Practice” and it’s a five day retreat for 8 people. I had also brought this method to Hal and Sidra’s programs in the past when I’ve staffed there and I’ve incorporated it into all my group teaching programs. I’ve demonstrated it once at a Paris Convergence of Voice Dialogue teachers and I’ve now taught this in three separate location over the past 4 years in Europe (England, France, Germany and Belgium).

I have found that the way that I developed this method also serves as a powerful teaching aid, since it very clearly illustrates the relationship between power and vulnerability and the archetypal/ universality of selves. All the participants of the group facilitation process are supported in engaging and separating from selves. There are a variety of ways to use this method, and many will be explored in direct practice over the week.



Tuesday: 9:30 -18:00 h Lunch break 13:00 – 14:30 h
Wednesday: 9:30 -18:00 h Lunch break 13:00 – 14:30 h
Thursday: 9:30 -18:00 h Lunch break 13:00 – 14:30 h
Friday: 9:30 -18:00 h Lunch break 13:00 – 14:30 h
Saturday: 9:30 -18:00 Lunch break h 13:00 – 14:30 h
Sunday: 9:30 -16:30 h short Lunch break 13:00 – 14:00 h

Note: this schedule is a preliminary structure and may change during the training.


Berlin Schöneberg
(The final location will be announced soon.)


We provide some coffee, tea and snacks.

Lunch is organized individually or in little groups – there are apt local places to find lunch in the area.


A: Tuition for new trainees is $900 USD, payable through PayPal directly with J’aime

B: Tuition for returning practitioners is $750 USD, payable through PayPal directly with J’aime

Please register directly with J’aime Ona Pangeia under:

The full payment is due after confirmation of your seat in the workshop by J’aime
– latest: July 31 st 2019

For accommodation support please write to , who will gladly support you to find a room located close to the venue.

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